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My Journey to Allowing

Living in a society where goal setting, strategic planning and linear thinking are highly valued, it can be a challenge to refrain from making things happen instead of allowing things to happen. Making something happen involves action. Taking action in a situation that may seem out of control can feel really good—for the moment. This way, if the outcome is not what I want, I can still tell myself that… Read More

Creativity in Motion

Creativity in Motion

Walking tours are creativity in motion. Whether locally or farther afield, there are discoveries to be had. Just pick a destination, get set, and wander. While everyone has their own travel style, I find that the character of a place is hard to get a hold of while on a bus or in a car. While transportation gets me close to a destination, I only really meet a place when… Read More

Piggy Bank

Choosing the Freedom of Financial Wellness

Some years ago, it was recommended to me that I create a budget to manage my finances. I recall my initial reaction was one of strong resistance. Partly, my resistance was related to my strong desire for freedom. I did not want anyone, not even myself, to tell me what I could or could not do. In addition, I was afraid that I would no longer be able to spend… Read More

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