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Gift of Change Stars

The Gift of Change

In work and life, change is abundant and ever present. Changes can be big life altering events as well as small daily occurrences. At times I’ve tried to avoid, deny, or fight against change, and yet there it still is waiting for me. Desired, hated, called or uncalled, change is a powerful stimulus toward personal transformation. It creates a space for each of us to review options and see possibility…. Read More


Practice of Appreciation

Some years back, I began to practice spending time each day in appreciation. I would appreciate the people and experiences I have had in my life, my family, my friends, my home, my work, and my health, among others. Not long ago, I realized that I tended to appreciate only the positive experiences in my life. There were few times when I would think…I’m glad the thing that I really… Read More

Settling into Mindfulness

Settling into Mindfulness

I’m hurrying home in my car to a quick dinner before an evening conference call. I notice the tension in my muscles as I wait for the red light to turn green. My right foot hovers over the accelerator pedal so I’m ready to go as soon as the light turns. My breath feels shallow. I glance around at the passing cars and the cars stopped around me. I think… Read More

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