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The small still voice within

In our daily lives, we are inundated by technology, noise, and distraction- it seems like some device or other is pinging—and the internet is close at hand- calling attention back to world of work, friends, family, and recent events. It is also football season. I am not even particularly a fan, but there is still something comforting about the background din of a game as the days shorten- And being… Read More

Creativity in Motion

Creativity in Motion

Walking tours are creativity in motion. Whether locally or farther afield, there are discoveries to be had. Just pick a destination, get set, and wander. While everyone has their own travel style, I find that the character of a place is hard to get a hold of while on a bus or in a car. While transportation gets me close to a destination, I only really meet a place when… Read More

Gift of Change Stars

The Gift of Change

In work and life, change is abundant and ever present. Changes can be big life altering events as well as small daily occurrences. At times I’ve tried to avoid, deny, or fight against change, and yet there it still is waiting for me. Desired, hated, called or uncalled, change is a powerful stimulus toward personal transformation. It creates a space for each of us to review options and see possibility…. Read More

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