Spark Inspiration


For a few silent moments, I sit quietly at my desk. Arms in a relaxed, open position. Eyes closed. I breathe in deeply. Then exhale. My shoulders drop. In my mind’s eye, I reach for my emotions. How do I feel right now? Nothing—I’m drawing a blank. Not high or low, just meh. Or maybe not even meh. I’m in my focused, busy, productive mode. Thinking about what needs to… Read More

I’m fine.

In recent years, I have been particularly attuned to language, both verbal and written. While I value precision in language, what’s more important to me is what language says about someone’s internal experience. So I listen for key words. One word that stands out is the “F” word. No, not that “F” word. The other one, “Fine.” Like me, you probably hear it all the time, coming out of your… Read More

Work. Play. Life.

Maybe you can help me out. I’ve been searching for a new word to describe my work/play/life. There is so much talk of work-life balance. As if my work could somehow be separate from my life. Not only do I spend a lot of time engaged in work activities. I LOVE my work. I’d like to come up with a word that captures the creativity, passion, meaning, fulfillment, nourishment, and… Read More

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