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My practice of mindfulness supports a heightened awareness of my experience in the moment. It helps me to be present enough to witness and connect with my emotions, physical sensations and environment. Through this heightened awareness, I am guided along this path I call my life, winding my way through experiences I can judge as positive or negative but all of which contribute mightily to the “best self” I continually strive towards.

There is much value aYangShuond commitment that I place in being mindful. I know it is a practice that serves to ground my physical experience. Admittedly, I need a little (or a lot) of grounding. It’s easy to float off into the ether of my mind and spiritual realms, escaping the tangible, concrete, practical activities of daily life. But mindfulness is a process through which I can connect body, mind and spirit.

Although I have never thought of myself as a spiritual person, I have discovered that I am deeply spiritual. My spiritual life isn’t just a welcome escape when I need it; it provides a broader context for my physical experience. At times of imbalance, it helps to remind me who I really am, and that no matter how disconnected I may feel at times—I am not alone. It supports my knowledge that my life has purpose, meaning and inherent value, contributing to something greater. While I may not understand the vastness of all that is from my limited physical perspective, my life is enhanced by my belief that there is something more—whatever form it may take.

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