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Choosing the Freedom of Financial Wellness

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Some years ago, it was recommended to me that I create a budget to manage my finances. I recall my initial reaction was one of strong resistance. Partly, my resistance was related to my strong desire for freedom. I did not want anyone, not even myself, to tell me what I could or could not do. In addition, I was afraid that I would no longer be able to spend my money on the things that I want. I happen to have a particular affection for boots, bags and coats. And, shopping was my primary coping mechanism. The truth of it was freedom or not, fear or not, I needed to live by a budget.

My journey to financial wellness serves as a support to my wellness overall. In particular, my strategies for financial wellness encourage me to be practice mindfulness every day. Before I spend money on anything, I ask myself…how do I feel right now? Is this something that I need? Or am I buying something to improve my mood? Do I value it enough to choose to spend my money on it? How will I use it? How long will I use it? Will it improve my quality of life?

This practice increases my awareness of my feelings in the moment. It encourages me live consciously instead of living by habit. I appreciate the purchases I do make. It helps me to live by my values. Through this journey, I have discovered true freedom.

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