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Creativity in MotionWalking tours are creativity in motion. Whether locally or farther afield, there are discoveries to be had. Just pick a destination, get set, and wander. While everyone has their own travel style, I find that the character of a place is hard to get a hold of while on a bus or in a car. While transportation gets me close to a destination, I only really meet a place when my feet touch the ground. Once on the move, most walking destinations have a main draw, a museum or some other point of interest. But I often find that the most interesting attractions fall between the mapped main events- they are the conversations, storefronts and food that the senses suddenly happen upon. Your feet will get you where you want to go- to architecture around the corner, natural vistas, and window shop treasure. This oldest mode of travel can be a solitary exercise or communal experience. And at the end of a long walk-about there is that welcome soreness- a bodily reminder of all the experience that has been created.

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