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At least once a week, I find myself saying to someone, “Our emotions are our best guide.”  Emotions inform us about what we want. Emotions can provide the energy, activation and momentum to take inspired action towards creating the life we want. Alternatively, emotions can provide clarity about what we don’t want. Emotions can feel draining, deactivating and restrictive. It is no wonder that many people do what they can to avoid being aware and connected to their emotional experience.

For some, being sensitive to their own emotions and the emotions of others can feel overwhelming. Many people often base their decisions and choices on how others may respond to them.  Will this person approve of my behavior? How will my behavior make them feel? What will they think about me? Will this behavior put my relationship at risk?

Depending upon the answer, you may choose one course of action over another. This can become a dangerous path since we do not have control over how another person will feel or respond. We can take our best guess but this approach can leave us feeling confused, uncertain, and resentful. In order to benefit from your emotional experience, it is important to practice checking in on how you feel.

Ask yourself right now…how do I feel?

Do you know how you feel? Can you label your feeling? What does it tell you about what you are doing right now? This simple strategy can provide you a wealth of information about yourself.

Each day, we continually create and recreate ourselves whether you are aware of it or not. Checking in on your emotional experience and listening to what it tells you is more powerful than many of us can imagine. Take a moment to quiet yourself…what do your emotions have to say?


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