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Change can happen so gradually that sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what happened and when. Not long ago, I became aware of how light and happy I feel. I can be silly and playful in ways I have never been, even as a child. I can be engaged in an intense situation with positive thoughts playing in my mind.


When I stop to think about what is different, it seems that I feel free. Free from what you ask…well, let me explain.

Sensitivity to the emotions of others has always come naturally to me. I am particularly aware of subtle nuances in verbal and non-verbal communication. I can sense the energy of other people’s feelings, particularly when something feels “off.” Sometimes it can feel like an intuitive hit, like an ah-ha moment. Other times it builds slowly with a gentle persistence. The information I receive provides a wealth of knowledge—knowledge about what other people want, what they may be thinking, and how they really feel regardless of what they express.

Although this has served me well in my career, there are pros and cons to everything and this particular skill is no exception. On the positive side, there is richness in my daily experience, I receive an abundance of information that allows me to understand and connect with people in powerful ways. I can use this information to guide my interactions, make decisions, and solve problems in a manner that feels harmonious to the people around me. However, it can also come at a cost. Sometimes there is just too much information to process. Or there may be conflicts that I can’t resolve. Or the emotions can feel like a burden that I can’t put down.

Getting back to what’s changed, my mindfulness practice has allowed me to choose what kind of experience I have. When I focus on my experience, practicing holding true to my authentic self, I feel free. I create space for my emotions and experience as well as that of others. I make the conscious choice not to “fix” things when I feel someone else’s discomfort, even when I feel tempted. It is at these times that I remind myself about how empowering it is for each of us to work things out for ourselves. As I attend to this aspect of my well-being, I am free to explore all of the wonderful and yet undiscovered parts of myself.

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What a wonderful accomplishment to feel so free! The authentic self is always with us but it isn’t always the easiest part or our identity to let shine… At least for some.

I’ve always been one to keep my authentic self hidden as I shape and mold my identity to what I “think” others want it to be. But that is no way to live life! After many years of doing it that way I’m no longer hiding and just like you, it has such a freeing effect. It isn’t always easy for me but I’ve had some very impactful help along the way that has inspired me to make this change. 😉

Congratulations on this realization and the free you is a beautiful you!

Posted by Kendra on 7 November 2013 @ 4pm

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