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Kicking the Habit of Multitasking

Not long ago, I had a transformational moment. I was driving my car, talking on my cell phone, and looking for an item in my bag. Somehow, I was nudged into awareness of my actions. I was not in any imminent danger of getting into an accident. There was no horn blaring in my ear. Someplace in the core of my being, I noticed that my actions are not congruent with how I want to live. In that moment of inspiration, I stopped what I was doing (except driving of course) and made the decision to stop multitasking.

I would like to report that I have completely kicked my habit of multitasking. In truth, I am often tempted (and sometimes give in to the temptation) by my surroundings to attend to several tasks at once. As I practice focusing my attention on the person in front of me instead of the conversation I will have an hour from now, I realize that I gain more from my experience. I am present. I am aware. I am connected. My senses come alive with my observations of my environment. I taste the food that I am eating. I observe the brilliance of a flower. I feel the joy of being with those that I love.

There is no one right way to increase your mindfulness. I encourage you to explore what works for you through a few simple steps: 1) Pay attention to your experience 2) Listen to your emotions 3) Practice savoring the moment.

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