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Mindful Connections

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Take a moment to consider the people you regularly interact with in your life. These people may be individuals close to you, such as, a significant other, family or friends. Or people you interact with day-to-day, including work colleagues, clients, or neighbors. Or they may be people who you don’t know but come in contact with as you move through your day.

Think about the way you communicate with them. Are you mindful about the way you speak? How do you feel about your engagement, your tone of voice, your use of language and your eye contact? Did you take the opportunity make a meaningful connection? Or offer a smile or greeting as you pass by? Did you leave the interaction feeling fulfilled? Or empty? Did you reach out to a stranger? Or did you avoid an opportunity to talk with someone out of fear of judgment or rejection?

Each day we are given the opportunity to connect with so many different people. You have a choice to take advantage of the opportunity or let it pass you by. The thing I am aware of is that many people, no matter how it may look on the outside, feel lonely and disconnected.

How can you ensure that you stay connected? Practice taking your conversations past the routine of saying, “How are you?” “Fine.” Be aware of opportunities to create a connection. Capitalize on these opportunities. Ask questions. Share your thoughts and feelings. Explore your common interests, desires and goals. Take a risk to talk with someone new. The reward can be great.

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This is a great reminder to make connections. I think it is easier said than done depending on your mood for the day. Case in point, today I am a self-proclaimed hormonal pregnant woman who would not take to kindly to a random stranger asking about my desires and goals. However, yesterday I was in a great mood and I can think of a number of times I reached out more than I usually do with strangers and it felt nice to make the connection. I think in order to put yourself “out there” sometimes you have to be in the right mind set. But you make a good point to be mindful of how we speak to others and today my mission will be to not let everyone I meet know I am a hormonal pregnant woman today! 😉

Posted by Kendra on 21 June 2012 @ 9am

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