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My Journey to Allowing

Path to AllowingLiving in a society where goal setting, strategic planning and linear thinking are highly valued, it can be a challenge to refrain from making things happen instead of allowing things to happen. Making something happen involves action. Taking action in a situation that may seem out of control can feel really good—for the moment. This way, if the outcome is not what I want, I can still tell myself that I did everything I could to make it better. The downside of making things happen is that it takes away the opportunity for serendipity, a beneficial chance occurrence.

In recent years, I’ve begun to increase my awareness of serendipity at work in my life. I look for signs as they present themselves each day. As you may well know, it takes attention and focus to be aware of opportunities as they show up. No matter how much I practice, I tend to lay out plans in my head about how I would like situations to work out. When they don’t work out as I’ve envisioned, I can feel frustration and disappointment. However, with some experience, I realize there are an infinite number of opportunities out there that will find me if only I allow myself to be open to the chance occurrence. It may show up as a beneficial interaction, a solution to a problem, or an unseen path.

Sometimes it takes a reminder that things do work out when I allow it to happen. My job is to be open to the path laid out in front of me. It’s likely different from what I imagined it would be. And where’s the fun in planning everything out? I like the surprises that arise out of following an unplanned path. I know where the other path leads…it leads to places I’ve already been. I’m looking for the path that leads me to the things that I dream of.

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This is a great idea for those of us “planners” and “control freaks.” I also get frusterated if things don’t go the way I think they should. I need to practice this method of “allowing.” Thanks for the insight!

Posted by Kendra on 18 April 2012 @ 11am

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