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The Gift of Change

Gift of Change Stars In work and life, change is abundant and ever present. Changes can be big life altering events as well as small daily occurrences. At times I’ve tried to avoid, deny, or fight against change, and yet there it still is waiting for me. Desired, hated, called or uncalled, change is a powerful stimulus toward personal transformation. It creates a space for each of us to review options and see possibility. If the status quo is no longer an option, we then have the ability to align ourselves with what we truly hope to be. As Nietzsche said “one must have chaos in one self to give birth to a dancing star”- perhaps, in part, he meant that the ability to sit with life’s uncertainty attracts brilliant movement forward. So as I get jostled by what is each day, I try to remember that I am being given the chance to influence what will be.

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