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The small still voice within

TimeIn our daily lives, we are inundated by technology, noise, and distraction- it seems like some device or other is pinging—and the internet is close at hand- calling attention back to world of work, friends, family, and recent events. It is also football season. I am not even particularly a fan, but there is still something comforting about the background din of a game as the days shorten- And being a music fanatic, my daily activities are typically accompanied by sound. Moving away from the overstimulation of living and sitting with stillness is challenging, but it is a time honored path toward individual meaning. In many traditions, individuals learn how to sit and connect with oneself and something “larger” than oneself through meditation and prayer. Most of those who achieve these states would agree that this takes discipline, as there is a constant pull back into the mundane. Frankly, this has not been my path. But I did recently have the opportunity to spend a number of days alone and fairly disconnected from others, technology, and even music. The silence was large and initially uncomfortable. But as the days progressed I began to become better attuned to my own inner rhythms. I began to hear what some refer to as the “small still voice within”- And I remembered that this is spirituality and that the music of the spheres plays on in each of us-  An enduring soundtrack of life which connects us all.

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I really like how you stated that, “this is spirituality.” For me it was yoga that helped quiet my mind and silence all of the “noise.” This post reminds me why I love it so much and that I have been missing it in my life.

Great post!

Posted by Kendra on 14 January 2013 @ 4pm

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