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Well-Being in Work

I’m known for being a workhorse. If I’m not actually doing something for work, I’m doing something that looks like work—cooking, cleaning, exercising, gardening—you name it. Chad tells me that my energy can feel like I’m buzzing around like a bee—flower to flower, collecting pollen.

Bee Red FlowerTo be honest, I love the feeling of having more to do than I can manage. I liken it to having a stack of books by my bedside, waiting in my reading queue. There is so much potential in my “stack.” I know that I won’t be bored. I look forward to savoring each experience. Will I learn something new? What surprises are just around the corner?

These things are all the fun bits. I feel excited, energized and enthusiastic. What are the not so fun bits? Well, stress for one. Then there’s my overactive mind—turning things over until I’ve worn them smooth. And, finally (this one’s hard for me to admit), I actually get tired.

It’s surprising how hard it is for me to admit that I do get tired. It’s partly due to my upbringing, partly my personality. And I’m rewarded for my hard work. My admission that I need rest feels like a weakness. I should be able to keep going, and going, but I know this doesn’t support my well-being in the long run. I’ve seen what stress and exhaustion can do. And, given how much I love my work, I’m not willing to compromise.

So I meditate and practice mindfulness. I slow down and (literally) smell the flowers. I take naps. Or goof off when I don’t feel like being productive. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I won’t take on more than I can comfortably handle. Or hit the tennis ball as hard as I can. Or drive over the speed limit. I strive for balance in all things!

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