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The Perfect Lemon Bar

“Cindy, you’re so hard on yourself.” This statement came from a friend in response to the apologies I offered my guests as I set out a plate of lemon bars made from a new recipe that didn’t come out quite as described by its given name, The Perfect Lemon Bar. Yes, I can be hard on myself because I know I can do better. And yet, it doesn’t stop me… Read More


For a few silent moments, I sit quietly at my desk. Arms in a relaxed, open position. Eyes closed. I breathe in deeply. Then exhale. My shoulders drop. In my mind’s eye, I reach for my emotions. How do I feel right now? Nothing—I’m drawing a blank. Not high or low, just meh. Or maybe not even meh. I’m in my focused, busy, productive mode. Thinking about what needs to… Read More


Ever since I was a child, I have been particularly attuned to others’ emotions. Growing up, my parents’ emotions, particularly my mother’s, loomed so large in my experience that they often eclipsed my own experience. Over time, I became an expert in reading other people’s emotions. This skill has served me well over the years. It has helped me to be successful in my career as a psychologist. I can… Read More

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