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Free to Be Me

Change can happen so gradually that sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what happened and when. Not long ago, I became aware of how light and happy I feel. I can be silly and playful in ways I have never been, even as a child. I can be engaged in an intense situation with positive thoughts playing in my mind. When I stop to think about what is different, it… Read More

Constructive Conversations

It happens in the blink of an eye. There is a swell of emotion. A chain of thoughts appears. Usually, our reaction occurs out of habit. A long-standing belief gets triggered and down the rabbit-hole we go. This can cause terse and tense exchanges. Angry and hurt feelings arise. Resentment builds and lines of communication break down. There are an infinite number of ways to interpret communication from others. Your… Read More

Thinking Chains

Do you ever notice how quickly your thoughts can get out of control? It is like a messy room. You put one bit of unopened mail on a table. After a few days, it’s a pile of unopened mail. Then, other things that need to be put away are placed next to the unopened mail so that you can remember to put them all away.  Suddenly (or at least it… Read More

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