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Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I eagerly plunge my spoon into my bowl. My excitement is particularly keen. I have anxiously awaited this moment for many weeks. With a quick movement of my hand, I stir my first good batch of yogurt into a smooth consistency.  My spoon filled, I hold it up in front of me. The yogurt is thick and creamy. I open my mouth and slide it in, savoring its luminescent flavor—freshly made… Read More

Energy of Life

There is a day in Colorado that I look forward to each year. It’s the day in the spring when all of the plants, trees and grasses have “popped.” They have come fully back from their dormant state, transforming into a vivid, luminescent green, seemingly overnight. You likely know this day wherever you live. It may come earlier in the year or later. For me, it’s one of my favorite… Read More

Body Scan

With a busy meeting schedule and projects that fill my workday, I notice there are some days I do not make it outside or even out of my office. I observe the effects on my body of sitting too long in front of a computer or in a chair. My eyes are tired. My neck is sore and stiff. I feel fidgety, my body wanting to get up and move…. Read More

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